Ellen Cohen

I’m Ellen.

Real Estate is what I sell; people are my business.

My entire full time professional career has been in Sales; 15 successful years in the printing sales business in NYC and 11+ successful years in real estate world right here in Valrico, FL.

What I have learned along the way is that if I don’t have a keen knowledge of and a passion for what I’m doing, well, I might as well not do it.

Most sales careers offer schedule flexibility and Real Estate is no different, but make no mistake about it: If you do not treat what you do seriously and have a plan you will not succeed.

But that isn’t all it takes to be a good Realtor. Knowledge of personalities and their respective traits along with treating these personalities how you would like to be treated is what it takes. On time show up, consistent follow up and delivering information (good or bad!) is all part of it.

One word: RESPECT.

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